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Hotels in Bejuco beach Costa Rica

Hotel Playa Bejuco

Provide a peaceful and ecologically balanced environment, where guests can enjoy a healthy and quiet stay with a subtropical atmosphere. The hotel offers high quality services at a reasonable cost and thus allows guests to enjoy a dream holiday at an attractive rate. We are a family hotel concept in Playa Bejuco, Esterillos - Costa Rica.

Natural Environment

Hotel Playa Bejuco is located just 200 meters from a pristine beach. It is located in a virgin and natural area, ideal for surfing, and walking in between a pure tropical nature.

For fishing enthusiasts, there is no better place than Playa Bejuco throughout Costa Rica.


Playa Bejuco Hotel strives to maintain an appropriate balance ensuring a sustained and complete integration between nature and all that surrounds the ecological system.

Our main source of energy is sunlight, which we convert into electrical energy through solar panels on the roofs of the hotel